A terrarium tutorial


terrariumtutorial2terrarium3terrrarium5terrarium7 terrarium6terrarium8terrarium9


1. Pick a glass terrarium, I picked up mine at west elm, but you could use anything you have around the house small or large.

2. Choose a few succulents. I like to pick succulents with different textures and shapes to keep my terrarium interesting.

3. Layer the bottom of your terrarium with rocks. This will help the water drain to the bottom to help prevent overwatering.

4. Next, spread a layer of soil over the rocks to being planting. Moisten the soil so it is easier to mold the succulents into place.

5. Make sure you leave enough room for the succulents to grow.

The trick with succulents is to give them sun all day long. They thrive in the sun since they are a member of the cactus family they need very little water to survive. I would recommend watering your succulents once a week, but never overwatering.

Enjoy your terrarium! Thanks to Ciara Richardson for the photos.

Flower Wall

flowerwall2 flowerwall FLOWERWALL4 FLOWERWALL3


Brooke posted the pretty photos from the flower wall I created a few weeks ago. How gorgeous is this bride? You can see more photos from this shoot on her blog.


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Ruffled Feature

tinge-floral-lora grady-ruffled


A few weeks ago my very first wedding was featured on Ruffled! It was fun making such a bright happy arrangement in the middle of the winter. You can see the full post here!

Photos by Lora Grady


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Headpieces for a little beauty

IMG_4068Screen shot 2013-01-02 at 5.19.17 PM307633_10151317098082436_1933234987_nScreen shot 2013-01-02 at 5.19.45 PM

These photos are by the lovely and talented Brooke Davis, and the photos are of her beautiful little kit kat. These were taken at the beginning of the year, but I haven’t had a chance to get them into my portfolio yet and I thought they deserved to be shared. Happy Friday!

A Hair Comb Tutorial


I put together a simple hair comb tutorial for The Alison Show today. Head on over to her blog to see the post.


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Ruche Booth Arrangement



I was so excited and so grateful for the opportunity to meet some of the girls behind Ruche this weekend at The Vintage Whites Market. They were just as sweet as the brand. It was a fun opportunity to do a whole display as opposed to just the flowers. My husband even made a huge pallet wall that was the backdrop for the display. I’ll post pictures of the booth soon. For now here is the arrangement that was displayed on their pretty table amongst the jewelry they were selling.




The second I opened this flower shipment and saw these beauties I was smitten. The color was so beautiful, and especially with their pretty green foliage. I thought they paired nicely with the viburnum. I have a new favorite flower every week but I think I’m serious this time.

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One comment on “Clamatis

  1. Curious where you order your flowers? Is it local or online? I’m a new florist in Seattle, WA and I’ve been looking for a good clematis source:) Looks like your business is booming, congrats–your work is gorgeous!

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Ruche Dinner


I was lucky enough to be asked by Ruche to decorate their booth for the Vintage Whites Market that is tomorrow. I also got to make a few arrangements for the dinner they hosted with Vintage Whites at LaCaille. Here is a sneak peak at the flowers from this weekend. More to share coming soon! Isn’t that clamatis amazing! I can’t get over the color.


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New Website

ash3 ash4 ash


I’m so excited to announce that my website is finally up! There are still a few edits being made, but I love how well it all came together. ¬†Thanks to all who helped! I will be posting my projects here frequently so check back often!


Thanks to Jessica Kettle for the images! To see more check out her blog.