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Brooke of Blush Photography asked me to do a table scape for her workshop a couple of months ago. She posted the photos on her blog a little bit ago and I thought I’d share a few here on the blog. Look at those tree peonies! They smelled amazing too.

A Midsummer’s Day Dream

The-House-Lars-Built-MayPole-Tinge-Ciara-Richardson-3 The-House-Lars-Built-MayPole-Tinge-Ciara-Richardson-2


The-House-Lars-Built-MayPole-Tinge-Ciara-Richardson-5 The-House-Lars-Built-MayPole-Tinge-Ciara-Richardson-6The-House-Lars-Built-MayPole-Tinge-Ciara-Richardson-7 The-House-Lars-Built-MayPole-Tinge-Ciara-Richardson-8 The-House-Lars-Built-MayPole-Tinge-Ciara-Richardson-9The-House-Lars-Built-MayPole-Tinge-Ciara-Richardson-1The-House-Lars-Built-MayPole-Tinge-Ciara-Richardson-10


Sometimes the most last minute projects turn out to be the best! I’ve been a long time follower of Brittany Jepson’s blog called The House that Lars Built. She is just as beautiful and sweet as she seems. I love meeting people you have learned about through the web and being right about their sweetness. It’s the best.

She was the mastermind behind this idea to do a Maypole! You can read more about it on her blog post here! Of course Ciara Richardson made the whole thing magical with her beautiful photography.

Happy Midsummer!

Flowers for Sarah







Some of my favorite arrangements yet. I get to travel to California next weekend for her breakfast reception! Can’t wait!

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Peach and Berry Tones



I love peach and ivory color pallets, don’t get me wrong. But I loved ordering some darker hues and working with them and incorporating a little peach as a neutral. This arrangement was for Flower of the Month for June! It’s a good one! More photos from that shoot coming soon!


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My Workspace



We’ve been renting a little basement apartment in Salt Lake for about three years. I never spent much time in the garage until this Spring when arranging in the kitchen just became too much of a mess. What a perfect space it’s turned out to be. Curtis helped clear this table to make a nice place for me to arrange. It’s messy and chaotic but it works for me that way. We found an old Pepsi Cooler on KSL from a woman who was also a florist and was looking to pass it on. We’ve made it work and she’s been the perfect addition to our little garage.


Last month on the Saturday before Mother’s Day, I had gotten up early to teach a floral arranging class at West Elm. When I got home I geared up for all of the customers who would be stopping by to pick up Mother’s Day arrangements. One of my favorite reasons for working with flowers is how something so simple can immediately change the demeanor of a person. It would be impossible not to smile in the sight of  a big coral charm peony, at least it is for me.


Ciara and Andrea came over later so we could get in our Flower of The Month for May before Curtis and I left for Europe. It was the most casual shoot we’ve had so far, but the results were beautiful as they always are with Ciara’s beautiful work. She took a few photos of my workspace too, and I am so grateful for them. I see them and I see the beginning of my future. The beginning of something I’ve been dreaming about for a long time in a space we’ve called home.


Thank you Ciara, I truly adore you and feel lucky to call you a dear friend.

Flower of the Month, Peach Peony

andrea-mayflower-ciara-richardson andrea-may-flower-ciara-richardson2


How adorable is my friend Andrea? She works wonders with her hair and came with the most adorable braid! We wanted to keep May a simple a month, so we just shot in my backyard with a simple bouquet I made out of some extra flowers.


This Flower of the Month series Ciara and I have been doing this year has been my most favorite project. I love it because it keeps us thinking since we plan on doing a collaboration every month, and we always get excited whether we are doing something large like our April shoot, or something small like this one. Whatever it is, both of us are always so happy with the results, and more importantly we have fun. This month we have something pretty perfect up our sleeves…stay tuned!


Photos by Ciara Richardson


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Kylie + Danny



Kylie was an awesome bride. She has the most hilarious dry humor. I knew walking away from our consultation that she was going to have a fun wedding. She wasn’t set on a color pallet, but knew she wanted a lot of color. I clipped the russian olive and kept that consistent throughout the arrangements to help keep them from looking messy which can happen when you have a lot of bold colors in one bouquet. Transitional colors are really important to me when thinking about arrangements, I don’t like anything to be too stark. I think it’s nice when the flowers sort of fade into each other and I think this bouquet did just that.

The beautiful photos are by Alex Steele, who is based out of Chicago but travels to Utah quite frequently for weddings. We met over the weekend at my go-to gelato place and it was as if we were old friends catching up on lost time. She is soooo talented, and I hope to get to work with her again soon!


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Flowers in Europe



My husband and I  recently traveled to Europe for a few weeks. What I loved most about Europe was how quickly the cultures and landscapes changed from country to country. We started in France, worked our way through Switzerland and ended in Italy. I tend to pay much more attention to the foliage and plants around me now that flowers play such a huge role in my life. It was a beautiful time of year to experience Europe because everything was in full bloom. France was Wisteria Vine, Viburnum and Lilac. Italy was red poppies, they were everywhere. Switzerland was just green and awe inspiringly beautiful.


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Red and Pink



Hello blog! It’s been a few weeks. My husband and I just returned from a trip to Europe, it was amazing but it’s great to be home and I’m looking forward to a summer full of weddings.

I made this bouquet and headpiece right before I left for a fun project! More information on what it’s for coming in July!

In the mean time, our April Flower of the Month shoot featuring the Hellebore was featured on Once Wed last week! This was so exciting for us! Go see the full post.


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