I feel I have much to be grateful for, especially this year. I went through a long period of my life working jobs that were dissatisfying and it was difficult for me to feel anything but frustration. I would dream of doing other things but never felt the courage to change anything about my life. I was afraid, afraid of everything. I spent a long time thinking that creative jobs just fell into the laps of those that had them, and I expected the same to happen for me. They knew the right people, had the right connections, etc. and I didn’t, so I was out of luck.


I had to come to my breaking point before I decided to act on what I wanted. Even if I failed, I really felt I owed it to myself to try. So one day a year ago this past Summer I decided I’d had enough. I realized in that moment that if I wanted to do something else with my life than I’d have to make the decision to do it. I emailed my friend Jessica Kettle. I asked her if she’d be willing to help me get a shoot together so I could tell the wedding world that I was ready to do this and I wanted to do it right. So I spent a couple of months thinking thoughtfully about what I wanted my business to be, what I wanted it to look like, and how I wanted to present it.


The day of the shoot came, and it was wonderful. Jessica is a dream. What a wonderful friend she has been to me for years, and I was so thankful for her this day. I love being behind the scenes at a shoot, it’s hectic but so inspiring and this was my first taste. I drove home and cried the whole way, because for a moment I felt what it was like to really be a florist and I never wanted to lose it.


I was very anxious to see the photos from the shoot, and even more anxious to share them with the internet! The day we posted them Jessica was contacted by a few local blogs, and we had it featured on Utah Bride Blog. I was thrilled and even more than that I was humbled.


I didn’t want to lose the energy that I gained from that experience so I kept working, and I never stopped. Hard work is what lands people the creative jobs they have, and I was wrong to think that they fall into their laps.  I appreciate those creatives more now than ever. It’s hard work, and it’s work that never stops. It never leaves your brain.


This is what they are talking about when they talk about passion.


This Thanksgiving I am thankful for many things, my husband Curtis who is just as much a part of this business venture as I am. He does more than his fair share, and without him I’d be lost. I’m thankful for family, because family is what matters in this life. I’m thankful for my health, for my hands, and for my faith. I’m thankful to my friends both new and old. I’m thankful to the new friends I’ve made this year. You know who you are, and you are amazing. Happy Thanksgiving!


Image from that first shoot by Jessica Kettle


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2 comments on “Thankful

  1. This is a beautiful reflection on how you got started Ashley. Thanks for sharing. You have accomplished more in 1 year than a lot of designers have in their whole career. It is so inspirational to see you taking a risk, putting yourself out there, and following your passion. Thanks for the beauty you add to this world.

  2. Love this. You’re an inspiration. I hope someday to follow in your footsteps (via cakes) and have the success you’ve had. Happy Year!!

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Andrea + Elijah



This is a pretty wedding from August for Andrea and Elijah. Andrea was such a fun bride to work with. She wanted everything to be beautiful but simple, just how I like it. We picked a color pallet of raspberry, blush, peach, navy and green. The sea glass blue candles added a little extra color to the tables as well.


Andrea lives in New York so most of our communication was over the phone or through email but I really feel like I gained a friend after doing her wedding. I feel like that with almost all of my brides. I really do feel lucky to get to work with so many wonderful people! Andrea was no exception.


Venue: Sundance Resort 

Photographer: Britt Chudleigh

Event Planner: Events by LMG

Tutorial Coming Soon



I collaborated with D’Arcy Benincosa on a simple tutorial a couple of weeks ago and it will be published very soon! Looking forward to sharing the full tutorial. In the mean time here are a few photos from that shoot of an arrangement I made on site with some clipped aspen leaves from the grounds.


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Thanksgiving Centerpiece



I’m debating taking last minute Thanksgiving orders, if you are interested, please email me at If I receive enough interest I’ll deliver next Wednesday!

Thank you!


Image Credit: Kate Osborne 


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Fern Inspired Shoot Sneak Peek



I’m getting so andy to share this shoot, but I have to wait! For now I wanted to post at least one little peak. We did two different looks for the table, and this is a peak at look one. More from this shoot coming soon!


Photos by Kate Osborne 


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Empire Lodge Wedding



This was a pretty wedding at Empire Lodge in early September. The colors were a perfect fit for the season and the atmosphere. The view from the ceremony site is truly breathtaking here. I love that first photo, isn’t it sweet?


Photography by Gideon Photography


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David + Elyse, Sundance Resort

tinge-floral-wed-pic-elysetinge-floral-lindsay stewart-elyse wedtinge-lindsay stewart-elyse-wed3ELYSE WEDtinge-lindsay-stewart-img7tinge-floral-lindsay-stewart-elyse-5tinge-elyse-wed6tinge-bridesmaids-elysewed4


I love the Arrington’s. I’ve worked with both Hannah and Gwen so getting to work with Elyse and work with the whole family was such a blast. The consultation alone was more of a fun hang out than any sort of logistic meeting. She wanted to mix a really natural floral feel compiled with their roots in New York.


When Curtis and I came back that night to break down we were a little early and we could hear Jay-Z blasting through the room and it sounded like a grand dance party that we really just wanted to jump into. Elyse and the rest of the Arrington’s are people you feel lucky to know. Each one of them are so amazing and so talented. I adore all of them!
Venue: The Redford Center at Sundance Resort


Photographer: Lindsey Stewart + Kate Osborne as her second shooter


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