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I’ve been waiting months for this to come out, and I was surprised to see it on the shelves at the grocery store today! This is the 2014 issue of Utah Bride and Groom and I was lucky enough to be asked to do the florals for the fashion editorial. There are some seriously beautiful gowns in here, and the photos are even dreamier. Jessica Kettle and Heather Nan came up with the concept and shot all of the beautiful photos. Go pick one up today to see the full spread!


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this year in review

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2013 has been quite the year. I can hardly believe we are only a few days away from ringing in 2014. So much has happened this past year, it’s been both incredibly challenging but also sweet and rewarding. I’ve learned a lot, mostly by just doing and also from making mistakes. Running a business is not easy, and no part of me ever thought it would be but sometimes you think you’ll just get lucky enough to skip the hard stuff, but no one skips the hard stuff. I was no exception.


These images represent this year, a few of my favorites from Flower of The Month. A project that really stretched my creativity by working with someone so creative, and so wonderful. Someone who believed in my talent and took the most beautiful photographs of it all. I appreciate more than anything her sacrifice of time. The time she took to photograph, to plan, to create, to edit, to blog, Ciara is wonderful.


I was talking with a photographer just yesterday and she asked me if it’s hard working with something with such a short life cycle. She said a photo lasts forever, but a flower only lasts a moment. I think that’s maybe what I love about working with flowers so much. They are these fleeting beauties that bring such happiness to important moments in our lives.


I am grateful though to all of the photographers I’ve worked with this year, both on personal projects and with weddings, who have captured my work so beautifully. For that I am forever grateful, because although flowers don’t last forever, the images you captured of those flowers really help me remember this year which has been such a treasure for me. Thank you, and Happy New Year!


All Photos Above by Ciara Richardson


Featured on Style Me Pretty

Kate-Osborne-Tinge-baby-shower kate-osborne-tingefloral-baby-shower1 kate-osborne-tinge-floral-baby-shower2 kate-osborne-tinge-floral-baby-shower-4 kate-osborne-tinge-floral-baby-shower5 kate-osborne-tinge-floral-baby-shower6 kate-osborne-tinge-floral-baby-shower7

Event Design: Martha Hatfield

Photography: Kate Osborne 

Cakes: Pippa Cakery

Website Update

andrea-dance-britt-chudliegh-tingefloralScreen Shot 2013-12-17 at 10.23.44 PM

I recently made some updates to my website and they went live today! Changes were mostly made to the layout of the blog as well as the portfolio page. The galleries are much cleaner now and easier to view events as a whole. I hope you enjoy!


Image by Britt Chudleigh



I love color, I always have. When I was trying to come up with a name for my business I knew it had to have something to do with color. I’ve always been fascinated by it, and I’m always drawn to it. It’s funny how the same colors I like to dress myself in end up being the same colors I decorate my house with, they just trickle into every area of my life. I like bright happy colors. I didn’t want to take flowers too seriously, I like a sense of whimsy and a bit of quirkiness to everything I do. At the same time I never want to lose that romance and old world charm that natural floral arranging brings.


People often ask me why Tinge, and I really don’t have any magical story behind it other than I knew that I wanted color and the way I use it to be something that differentiates me from other florists. So I wanted my business name to reflect that in some way. Flowers are my medium, they are my therapy.


Next year, it’s all going to be about color.


“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way.” -Georgia O’ Keeffe


Photo by Kate Osborne


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November Flower of The Month, Anemone



November Flower of the Month was the anemone. I was lucky enough to get my hands on these beautiful hybrid anemones that were so beautiful and gigantic! We shot this one at The Rose Establishment which is a beautiful little coffee shop in Salt Lake. My sister will be having her reception there in January so I was excited to get to work in the space a bit before that comes. It’s getting a little emotional now that the year is drawing to a close and Flower of The Months are coming to an end. I adore these ladies so much. Ciara is a wonderful person and a wonderful friend with so much talent. Collaborating with her this year has been an absolute dream. When Tauri started Pippa Cakery it was only natural that we get her on board, and she has been the best addition to this project. She’s a true sweetheart.


Flowers and Table Styling by Me (Tinge) 

Cakes and Baked Goods: Pippa Cakery

Photography: Ciara Richardson

Layne’s Wedding



I met Layne for a consultation and immediately just adored her. She is so soft spoken and sweet, and we shared a love for gelato. She spent a lot of time in Europe for various reasons and Curtis and I just traveled there this Summer. Most of our meeting consisted of talking about how much we miss France and how they appreciate life and time so differently than we do here. She trusted me to come up with a pallet for her and then just go with it! I’ve really been wanting to do lights with darks and all of the transitional colors in between and this is exactly that!


Photography by Kate Osborne

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