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This was easily one of my favorite weddings of my career. The weeks leading up were quite stressful figuring out logistics and ensuring that everything would run smoothly but as soon as we got there and I had the flowers in my hands, I knew the wedding would be beautiful. I had some of the flowers delivered from Holland, but the majority of the flowers and foliages were collected from a local horticulturist who took my wish list and inspiration and came back with two VW vans full of the most beautiful product I could have ever imagined. Most of the arrangements were about 80% foliage because the varieties were all so incredible.

I had a great team that week. Rebekah of Forage and Fleur had just finished a wedding in Scotland and hopped over to Ireland to help. Also lovely Ann Marie O’ Leary¬†, she drove all the way from Dingle just to help as we arranged in the pouring rain freezing our buns off. Somehow I didn’t mind the rain though. I made the bouquet getting drenched by the rain, soaking me through three layers, but we all had huge smiles on our faces. It was just too wonderful of an opportunity for rain to cause any ounce of sadness.

We incorporated a lot of trees into the wedding. We had these huge pots that the bride had purchased so I had the idea of bringing trees onto the tables between the flowers and I loved the end result and hope to do the same for another bride in the future. We added little mushrooms to the soil to give them a more forest feel.

The trickiest part of this wedding was that the ceremony and reception locations were about 40 minutes apart. I’ve learned that with enough planning ahead of time, things will always run a lot smoother. We were able to pull it off with time to spare, and creating that arch with Ann Marie and Rebekah was great fun.

It was definitely an adventure for Curtis driving on the opposite side of the road, maneuvering through parking garages with a giant van, and trying to dispose of garbage (unusually difficult in Ireland), but amazing all the same.

When I boarded the plane home, I was really happy and proud that we were able to accomplish something that we had never done before, and something I had never imagined I’d have the opportunity to do! I hope the opportunity arises again.

There is a beautiful video by Story of Eve you can view here!

Photography: Christina Brosnan

Planning/Design: Pearl and Godiva

Video: Story of Eve

Calligraphy: Feasting


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